Radzuweit Consultants GmbH — RCTecs

Munich, Germany

The Radzuweit Technology Group (RCTecs) has successfully provided high level engineering and project management for over 30 years to the aerospace, automotive and electronics industries in Europe and beyond, fully complying with the demanding requirements of the industry and the regulations of the countries where we work.

Based on our many years of consulting, we have been able to successfully integrate a number of renowned companies from Europe, Asia and the USA into our activities to introduce high technology solutions for a wide range of applications. Our senior engineers and technology specialists have gained an excellent reputation due to their years of experience with demanding projects.

With our international associate partners, we are introducing a full suite of tools and methods of iMBE(integrated Model Based Engineering) for the automotive engineering segment, new radar technologies (high-quality, low-cost, flexible, software-defined radar technology and radar upgrading), advanced EW-systems, UAV-technology including Counter-UAV radar solutions for the civil and defense industries, a completely new solution for aircraft type certification, airport systems, and much more.

Working with such outstanding companies and associates, we have an additional fast growing new division in the health segment supplementing our professional consulting portfolio.

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Please contact us at info@radzuweit.com or h.radzuweit@radzuweit.com for further information or call us +49 (0)89 - 330 880 53

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