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Tuesday 11 Aug 2020


The wealth of skillsets represented by Radzuweit Consultants' engineers and technical managers form a unique source of professional expertise. All…

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Project Management, Logistics At Radzuweit Consultants GmbH we have a wide range of experience in the automotive industry. For many…

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One of our company's core business is consulting for High Tech Industries.With our experiences and staff skills related to automotive…

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The purpose of Configuration Management (CM) is to establish and to control the nominal configuration status of a project and allows for an efficient comparison
between nominal and actual status of a project ( build status control ).

Major CM elements are:
•   Configuration Management Plan
•   Engineering Change Proposal Tracking
•   Change Request Control
•   Non-Conformance Control ( NCR )
•   Version Control, Version Tracking and Release Control
•   Digital Rights Management
•   Key Point Inspections
•   Build Auditing
•   Change Control Board
•   S/W Configuration Management
•   Formal Interface Control
•   CIDL
•   Adaptation of Client's CM Requirements
•   CM Tools


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Among the many interesting and demanding IT projects we undertake, IT Security comes more into focus than before and is now a special IT segment, including SAP WS Security. The testing is professionally executed by ISTQB certified engineers and not by the developers. The field of IT Security is extremely dynamic and today includes IP based survey cameras and smartphone applications which require very specific know-how.

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