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Thursday 03 Dec 2020


The wealth of skillsets represented by Radzuweit Consultants' engineers and technical managers form a unique source of professional expertise. All…

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Project Management, Logistics At Radzuweit Consultants GmbH we have a wide range of experience in the automotive industry. For many…

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One of our company's core business is consulting for High Tech Industries.With our experiences and staff skills related to automotive…

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Engineering - Management and Support

Over the past years Radzuweit Consulting GmbH has worked increasingly in the aerospace industry using its expertise in engineering management and support. Projects carried out for our clients include, for example, system architecture engineering. A good conceptual design for a process or system is essential to define the different elements and their relations to each other to achieve a strong and adaptive top-level structure and therefore a successful long-term outcome.

We have also carried out risk analysis where we combine professional risk assesment with in-depth risk management and sustainable risk communication to offer our clients a sound foundation for decision making.

Furthermore we have extensive experience in helping our clients to plan the different stages of their projects or products using appropriate phase models and life-cycle management models. Our clients additionally value our strong performance in transition and operations management. Through careful planning, appropriate risk management and the generation of valuable reports we have helped our clients to strengthen their business through the relevant transitions.

Equally a sound operations management can ensure efficient business operations through effective planning, scheduling and control resulting in the desired increase in economic performance. Other projects include the improvement of economic status by applying smart facility management which can be achieved through the optimisation of overheads, the introduction of clear accounting methods or transparent cost management to name only a few possibilities.

We have also carried out risk analysis where we combine professional risk assesment with in-depth risk management and sustainable risk communication to offer our clients a sound foundation for decision making.

The wealth of skillsets represented by Radzuweit Consultants GmbH form a unique spectrum of professional expertise. All our engineering consultants have a profound professional and academic background together with hands-on experience from many projects in the Aerospace Industries.

Examples of experiences from previous projects:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Avionic System Architecture
  • Composite and Metallic Stress Engineering
  • Computer Systems Engineering
  • Configuration management
  • Control Systems Engineering
  • Design Engineering
  • Electrics and Electronics Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Military Projects with DoD clearance
  • Product Assurance
  • Propulsion Systems, Jet Engines
  • Safety & Human Factors Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Structures Engineering
  • Systems Engineering

Our expertise includes:

  • Complete stress analysis
  • Design, development support
  • Hand calculations
  • Fatigue and damage tolerance analysis
  • Test definition, test support and test results analysis for thermal, static, dynamic or fatigue loading
  • Preparation of certification documents

Other work Examples:

Fatigue and stress analysis, damage tolerance, composite analysis, finite element modeling, loads, aeroelastics
Fuel tank modelling, simulation, fuel measurement, electromagnetic hazard analysis
Information management, architecture, integration, flight management, instrumentation, communication, navigation
Environmental Control Systems, air generation, distribution, conditioning, bleed, ice protection, detection

Product assurance, requirements based engineering, verification & validation
Landing gear systems architecture, structural analysis, integration, certification