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Thursday 03 Dec 2020


The wealth of skillsets represented by Radzuweit Consultants' engineers and technical managers form a unique source of professional expertise. All…

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Project Management, Logistics At Radzuweit Consultants GmbH we have a wide range of experience in the automotive industry. For many…

Automotive Automotive


One of our company's core business is consulting for High Tech Industries.With our experiences and staff skills related to automotive…

Consulting Consulting
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Consulting Engineering

One of our company's core business is consulting for High Tech Industries.
With our experiences and staff skills related to automotive industries we can provide consulting services for Engineering as for example :

•   Market Surveys, Competition Analysis
•   Feasibility and Risk Studies
•   Business Process Engineering / Re-Engineering
•   Assessment of Engineering Processes
•   User Requirements Capture and Specification
•   Implementation of Standards / Tools and Processes
•   Definition, Procurement Support and Implementation of IT-Infrastructure
•   Migration Management, Change Management
•   Life-Cycle Analysis
•   Make-or-Buy Trade-Off Studies
•   Future Technologies
•   Future Value Added Services ( for example toll systems )
•   Remote Maintenance Concepts
•   Security Assessment
•   Logistics Concepts
•   Operational Concepts / System Integration
•   IT Consulting + Applications / Education Management


•  Risk Study for Safety related aspects of Processors
•  Market Surveys, Evaluation and Selection of IT-based Maintenance Management Systems or Nuclear Power Plants ( Switzerland / Germany )
•  Conceptual Studies and Requirements Analysis of operational and back-office IT-Systems for several Airports ( BAA / Split / Zagreb )
•  Business Concepts and Plans for Joint-Ventures for the Telecommunication Industry Austria / Adriatic Region )
•  Business Reengineering for IT processes for a Bavarian bank
•  e-Business applications for insurance companies
•  Planning and optimization of an automobile engine assembly program and manufacturing process
•  A400M Consulting Military Mission Management Systems / Mission Management Computer
•  Lead engineering/thermal architecture consulting for Meteosat
•  On ISEE-B, team of consulting engineers and scientists, responsible for many major technological features
•  GMES Sentinel Instrument Study Phase, thermal consulting
•  Mercury Radiometer and Thermal Infrared Spectrometer TB/TV Test, thermal consulting
•  EnMAP thermal consulting
•  Laser technology consulting for laboratory instruments
•  Data Communication Consulting for telescope data
•  Slip Angle analysis of vehicle in a curve
•  Light-weight carbon fibre consulting, automotive, aircraft, FEM
•  Modelling of shock and vibration on large opto-electronic instruments
•  Mathematical modelling of meteorological  data
•  Consulting engineering for new photographic systems
•  IT consulting for insurance companies, security, data capture, interactive systems and methods
•  Data Management consulting IT infrastructure automotive, logistics, IBM, global network and security
•  IT consulting for merger of two large banks
•  Jet engine consulting, R&D, simulation and test
•  MRCA main computer consulting, avionics
•  MRCA swing-wing fatigue test consulting
•  Climate control consulting, automotive
•  Tempomat consulting automotive, telematics
•  Gyroscope consulting for aircraft
•  SAP consulting for automotive industry
•  SAP consulting for banks and insurance companies
•  Aircraft structure consulting, landing gear, electrics
•  Aircraft navaids consulting, hardware and software