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Thursday 29 Oct 2020


The wealth of skillsets represented by Radzuweit Consultants' engineers and technical managers form a unique source of professional expertise. All…

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Project Management, Logistics At Radzuweit Consultants GmbH we have a wide range of experience in the automotive industry. For many…

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One of our company's core business is consulting for High Tech Industries.With our experiences and staff skills related to automotive…

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Automotive Engineering

Radzuweit Consultants GmbH offers a wide range of engineering services. With specialists available in Systems and Communications Engineering we combine user requirements and functionality into cost-effective and low-risk technical solutions.

Our software engineers work closely with our clients to develop superior software solutions which in combination with the appropriate hardware and the outstanding know-how of our Network Engineering team leads to the rapid and efficient achievement of our clients' goals. Furthermore, we have experts advising on any Interface or Electrical Engineering related issues to optimise interface design and signal processing.

With our expert associate partner and with a focus on the automotive market and the rapid changes in electrical/electronic requirements, we are introducing a full suite of tools and methods of iMBE – integrated Model Based Engineering – on a global scale with great success. A big automotive project in China has successfully proven the excellence and superiority of this state-of-the-art methodology.

Naturally, we also provide excellent support for Test and Verification Engineering to effectively mature prototypes into immediately successful products. To ensure a strong market position for our clients, we also carry out first-class Product and Quality Assurance. Our experience shows that excellent management is of major importance. Therefore we collaborate with our clients to establish pivotal Configuration and Project Management procedures which are essential for a successful strategy.

Beyond this, we additionally have outstanding expertise in Mechanical Engineering and FEM Modelling. We consider this range of services most beneficial for our partners. Applying the latest engineering methods in combination with our high level of flexibility and dedication allows us to meet the business needs and requirements of our clients very quickly and cost effectively. This way we can efficiently support your projects and accomplish the desired objectives.