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Thursday 03 Dec 2020


The wealth of skillsets represented by Radzuweit Consultants' engineers and technical managers form a unique source of professional expertise. All…

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Project Management, Logistics At Radzuweit Consultants GmbH we have a wide range of experience in the automotive industry. For many…

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One of our company's core business is consulting for High Tech Industries.With our experiences and staff skills related to automotive…

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Project Management, Logistics

At Radzuweit Consultants GmbH we have a wide range of experience in the automotive industry. For many years now we have been very successful in advising our clients on business processes, project management, logistics and IT.

In any company a large number of different projects run simultaneously and the smooth running of each individual project is responsible for the overall performance of the company. Our clients are highly satisfied with our expertise in project management and have also benefited from our extensive knowledge concerning closely linked tasks like time scheduling, control, financial forecast or planning and coordination of training. We have, for example, supported our clients not only in their project mangement but also in the management of the logistic processes involved in the rollout of a new product in a new production plant. Generally, there is a vast variety of logistical issues when introducing new or updated products:

automotive initiation
release control
version control
launch control
quality control
daily task planning

are just a few examples. In close collaboration with our clients we develop strong and efficient logistical concepts and professionally coordinate the implementation of these. We also take over the communication and coordination with affiliated plants and the integration of internal and external R&D. Another important skill that we can offer is the knowledge of our IT specialists. Our advise ranges from architectural design of network infrastructures for marketing purposes to the planning of isolated test environments for each dedicated project. Naturally we can up-date our clients test-analysis software or migrate additional software or data as required and also carry out the test analysis. Of course we will also support our clients in how to capitalise on the obtained results. This is just a brief overview of our experience in the automotive industry. Please do not hesitate to contact us to personally discuss your requirements.

Other Examples of Expertise of Radzuweit Consultants GmbH Consulting Teams

Business Processes, Project Management and Logistics
BMW Group (Munich), Rover Group (Solihull, Longbridge, Gaydon)
Tasks: Project planning, project steering and support of processes for the migration of the NEW MINI
Parts list from the Rover parts list (GboM) into the BMW parts list (TAIS); follow-up of actual vs. target comparison
Preparation of solution proposals as to the migration strategy of different features within the parts lists

BMW Group (Munich), Rolls Royce (Goodwood, UK)
Project Support
Operative Project Management
Tasks: Project Management, project coaching and operative project management in the logistics area (Logistical BoM) for the Rolls Royce; rollout of the systems, safeguarding start of production in the new Goodwood Factory; planning and coordination of integration testing between the BMW and the SAP requirements.

BMW Group (Munich), Steyr-Daimler-Puch – SFT (Graz)
Project Management, Project Support in the logistics area (Logistical BoM) for the E83; roll out of the systems for the start of the launch management / logistics. Development of a draft and technical concept for the launch management, change coordination, BDQS, disposition as the basis for the process contracts between BMW and SFT. Training coordination for the overall logistics (Ordering, releases, change coordination, launch and change management, quality, daily packages, etc.), coordination of the partner factory Munich and integration of the E-departments

Some details in regard to the Projects BMW R50, L30, RR und E83:
R50, L30, RR and E83 LogBoM: Project Management and Support
RR LogBoM: later in the role of Operational Project Leader
E83 Logistics: Integration of partner companies and training coordination over all TL departments (TL-1 to TL-5)

* Development and production of documentation based on ITPM:
Project Brief
• Drafts and technical concepts
• Project Final Reports
• Training Concepts
• Risk Analyses
• Overall systems documentation, e.g. access of BMW mainframe systems
• Project Support in regard to Systems Rollout (MSTAIS, LTERM, ANL, PRIMS, ASS, UIS etc.) and the many integration tests between TL-52 und SAP Logistics, Rover IT and the SFT systems:
• Working on Interface Contracts (from the viewpoint of project steering, less from a technical point of view)
• Risk analysis for the system roll out of the E83
• Support and partially planning of the integration testing
Moderation of the I-Test Gateway Meetings (re. RR LogBoM)
Clarifying of open issues, e.g. with the FZ Department
Communikation and planning of the I-Tests with the IT departments of the receiving system world (e.g. with SAP Logistics, Rover IT) Training coordination and partner company integration.

Business Processes, Project Management and Logistics
• planning and execution of necessary Gateway Meetings
• clarification and driving of open issues
• participation at Core Team Meetings
• concluding all agreements with BMW departments, e.g. for project finalization
• preparation of Status Reports
• preparation of presentations for TL circle, TM circle, VS
• preparation of System Landscapes

GRF Project
Group Release Function GRF. Project support with the goal to translate the Rover R50 Parts List (GboM) into the TAIS world:
• preparation, execution and finishing of the Core Team Meetings with the BMW and Rover departments
• clarification of numerous subjects concerning releases and driving of open issues
• development of solution proposals in regard to the migration strategy of diverse features within the parts lists
• integration of the release management at Rover
• planning of milestones and preparation of presentations

Examples of Activity Areas at BMW
• Mainly TL-52, TL-51
• TL-1 (primarily in the area of ordering and program planning)
• UR-T
• Release Areas (FIZ): EA, EE, EF, EK
• BMW departments in Dingolfing, Regensburg, Munich, Longbridge, Solihull, Oxford, Goodwood:
• Launch and Change Management
• Change coordination
• Material supply and planning
• Physical logistics (good receipt, line runner, launch stock, etc.)
• Daily Packages
• Quality
• Individual (only RR)